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Support the Association that Supports Your Company
In the classic Christmas movie, Jimmy Stewart’s character, George Bailey, discovered that it would have been a far different and grimmer world if he had never existed. Like George, you would find that Florida would be a more difficult place for your company to profit without FBMA. A small investment in membership can help your company in many ways.

  •  Yearly we save our members up to $1,000 on industry-specific publications, training and other FBMA services.
  •  On the state and national levels our government advocacy efforts, are an essential service created to minimize government intrusion into your daily operations.
  •  Our promotion of wood building and accessory products means more sales and greater profits for your company.
  •  Our building-code efforts insure access to the Florida market for your products.
  •  We provide low cost, high quality opportunities for you to network with your peers, customers and suppliers.
  •  We work to anticipate and equip you to meet the future.

Membership Benefits Include:
  •  Public Policy Advocacy on the State and National Levels
  •  Involvement in the Florida Building Code Process
  •  Digital Resource Library
  •  Disability Insurance
  •  Networking Opportunities
  •  Fleet Management
  •  Promotion of Wood Building and Accessory Products
  •  The FBMA Department Store
  •  Dealer Members Receive Complimentary Membership to the National Building Material Association
  •  Educational Programs
  •  Employment Screening and Testing
  •  Annual Convention and Trade Show
  •  Business Forms
  •  To Keep You Informed; Weekly Enewsletter 
"FBMA is the building material industry's ultimate source for education, information and networking opportunities. An active member since 1981, it has been my resource for providing and maintaining a pulse on industry trends, future growth and legislative issues. Personally, my relationship with this association has had a profound effect on my professional growth." - Bob Hoffman, Robert Hoffman Insurance