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Christmas Party Politics

Most times when I write these articles it has little to do with metrics, budgets, margins, etc. The reality is, most of what I write has much more to do with the Organic Reality and happenings I’ve been a part of or observed over the almost 60 years I’ve been in this great industry. So, this is one of my Organic true stories. Back in my other life with the big corporation… Wickes had a large Merchandise and Marketing department. At the time they were servicing about 350 Lumber ...

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Al E. Bavry, President Emeritus, Kimal Lumber 11/6/2018 Comments(0)

Continuation of...

About 38 years ago, and after an 11-year stint with The big corporation, KIMAL Lumber Company was born in 1981...not exactly a vintage year. We were in a recession. But we had assembled a small team of dedicated associates, and decided we’d get through this recession and build a strong full-service lumber company. What a great beginning time...To that great beginning team, and our loyal customers: Thank you all! I wouldn’t deny that those first half dozen or so years were a struggle....

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Al E. Bavry, President Emeritus, Kimal Lumber 10/8/2018 Comments(0)

“Lone Ranger” or Team?

Besides our customers at large, the most interesting group to work with would be our Sales team. I say that because unlike our industry’s salespeople of the past, nowadays it has become increasingly difficult for salespeople to do well, since the pace of change has accelerated and continues to do so. With new engineered products, composites, technology, and local/state/national building codes undergoing continual change---it all gets more difficult every year to understand and learn about...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 7/16/2018 Comments(0)

How To Protect Your Lien Rights Under Florida’s Construction Lien Law Before You Know You’ll Need Them

In Florida, mechanic’s liens available to subcontractors and material suppliers provide powerful tools to secure payment for services performed on, and materials provided to, construction projects. However, navigating Florida Statute Chapter 713, known as Florida’s Construction Lien Law, can be extremely difficult. The Construction Lien Law has been described by Florida courts as an outstanding example of inept legislative endeavor and an ill-conceived, confusing, patchwork of rules ...

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Andrew D. Wyman 5/31/2018 Comments(0)

Technology… Artificial Intelligence at its “Best”

A number of years ago, one our Kimal Associates, Cody, was having severe problems with his Chevrolet Impala. He took it to a local dealer for their very sophisticated computer diagnosis of its "issues." I was told this brand specific software cost over fifty thousand dollars to the dealer. Cody showed me the printout of several pages he was given, a diagnosis telling what was wrong, and a lengthy list of "fixes." These included re-bore, and re-ring the engine with new pistons and rings to cure t...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 5/31/2018 Comments(0)