35 Story Carbon Neutral Wood Skyscraper Proposed for Paris

Monday, June 15, 2015

35 Story Carbon Neutral Wood Skyscraper Proposed for Paris

Green Building Elements (06/04/15) Hanley, Stephen

Canadian architect Michael Green, in partnership with French architects DVVD Paris and developer REI France, submitted a proposal for a 35-story wood skyscraper in the Reinvent Paris competition. Paris authorities are holding the competition to redevelop 23 sites in the city that demonstrate architectural, social, and environmental innovations that will revitalize the city. To date, 815 proposals from 15 countries were received and 615 were approved for the first stage of the competition. The proposed wood skyscraper would sequester 3,700 metric tons of carbon dioxide, while requiring far less energy to build than a concrete and steel building. Being surrounded by wood offers occupants physiological and psychological benefits comparable to being outdoors, while improving indoor air quality and moderating humidity, according to a new study by Planet Ark. Green's proposal is for a mixed-use development with markets, housing, a student hotel, and urban agriculture on a site that is currently a parking lot for a bus depot. The building would use cross-laminated timbers (CLT), which are lighter and stronger than steel. Green's first CLT structure is the 65-foot high Wood Innovation and Design Center in Prince George, Canada, which opened late last year. If approved, Green's building may be a turning point for using CLT in buildings throughout the world.
Stephen Hanley 6/15/2015

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