5 Tips for Successful LEED Project Management

Monday, August 22, 2016

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recommends five strategies for successfully managing the LEED-certification process, starting with effectively identifying, quantifying, and communicating the certification goal to the design team at the outset. Much value exists in holding dialogues to ensure all participants are united on the goal and pursuing it realistically. It is vital in the planning stages to target credits and measure the probability of achieving the points in those credits, and the IES TaP online collaborative portal enables the user to simulate/test many scenarios and helps guide the correct approach for taking on the project to realize the desired certification goal. LEED projects also should be closely monitored at all times for potential setbacks, and IES TaP's visual dashboard lets users visualize all their current projects in one place and track their progress toward certification in real time. A third suggestion emphasizes the importance of communication/collaboration within the project team while being supervised by a seasoned LEEP AP. IES TaP offers a breakdown of the individual documentation requirements and permits the allocation of each requirement to a team member. The fourth recommendation is to ensure all team members have the pertinent USGBC guidance on hand, filtered to ensure the availability of the relevant information for the credit being worked on. The fifth recommendation calls for minimizing the burden of engagement with LEED requirements, and IES TaP can help reduce the project management workload.

Proud Green Building 8/22/2016

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