Energy Bill Stalls in the Senate

Monday, February 22, 2016

Senators blocked a procedural vote on Thursday on a comprehensive energy bill, the Energy Policy and Modernization Act (S. 2012) because of a disagreement over an amendment that would help the city of Flint, Michigan respond to its water crisis. Despite the setback, lawmakers maintain neither the wide-ranging bill nor the Flint amendment is dead yet.

NLBMDA continues to push two amendments for inclusion in the energy bill. The first would Improve the energy efficiency of homes by providing a voluntary means of financing energy efficient features and improving the accuracy of mortgage underwriting by the Federal Housing Administration. The other amendment requires any code or proposal supported by DOE to have a simple payback (increased compliance costs should be paid back through utility savings) of 10 years or less.

NLBMDA members are encouraged to send a message to their Senators, or alternatively send them a tweet, asking for the amendments to be included in the comprehensive energy bill.

NLBMDA 2/22/2016

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