Google Launches App for Environmentally-Friendly Building

Monday, December 5, 2016

Proud Green Building (10/17/16)

Google plans to collect and analyze data to help companies cut their environmental footprints and make it all available to the public through a new application. Google's Portico, the Healthy Materials Tool, gathers data on the composition and environmental impact of building materials. The app will facilitate easy data access for companies targeting LEED certifications or other green building credentials and help them understand the material properties and potential effect on human health of building materials. The goal of the plan is to enable businesses to use more sustainable materials and trim greenhouse gas emissions. “When we think about the Third Industrial Revolution and the role Google played in it, we also think about the Fourth Industrial Revolution where this digital backbone could transform our relationship to the material world,” says Google sustainability officer Kate Brandt. “We would like to be a player.” Google currently is the world's biggest corporate renewable energy buyer, not including utilities. The company has massively reduced energy consumption at its data centers, signed 2.5 gigawatts worth of contracts worldwide in wind and solar energy, and committed to invest $2.5 billion in renewable energy.

Proud Green Building 12/5/2016

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