Green Building Takes Hold for Single- and Multifamily Markets

Monday, December 4, 2017

Proud Green Building (10/27/17)

Single- and multifamily markets' growing commitment to green building is driven by different factors, and has different degrees of implementation, according to new study by Dodge Data and Analytics. Thirty-three percent of single-family builders are building more than 60 percent of their homes green, with the availability and affordability of green products continuing to be a major growth driver. The study also found many who are not yet going green at this level still plan to do so, with 44 percent expecting to build more than 60 percent of their home projects green by 2022. A substantially larger population of small builders is committed green builders than large builders, but within five years nearly the same percentage of small and large builders intends to be dedicated green builders. Meanwhile, a dramatic shift in the number of multifamily builders doing more than 60 percent of their projects green is evident, with 36 percent doing so this year, up from 23 percent in 2014. Although customer demand is a crucial motivator for green building among multifamily builders, government or utility incentives and code, ordinance, and regulatory revisions also are key drivers. The expansion in renewable energy products has helped encourage more engagement with net-zero homes among single-family builders, and 44 percent of home builders expect to build such residences by 2019.

Proud Green Building 12/4/2017

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