Regulatory Alert: Employers Responsibility Under OSHA's Hazard Communication Rule

Monday, April 25, 2016

NLBMDA’s Workplace Safety and Risk Management eNews highlighted a Regulatory Alert on employers’ responsibility under OSHA’s Hazard Communication rule, as updated in 2012. This Regulatory Alert may be found at NLBMDA’s Regulatory Affairs webpage under the heading Hazard Communication. June 1, 2016 is the final implementation deadline for implementation of the 2012 updates, at which time employers are required to conform any alternative workplace labeling of containers to the new labeling format, maintain current Safety Data Sheets for all hazardous chemicals used in the workplace, update their hazard communication program as necessary, and provide additional employee training for newly identified physical or health hazards if necessary. These are also considered on-going compliance obligations. The 2012 updates also required employers to provide employee training on the new label and Safety Data Sheet formats by December 1, 2013. NLBMDA held several webinars on the new training requirements and produced the 15-minute DVD, Employee OSHA Training Requirements on Product Label Elements and Safety Data Sheets. Copies of the DVD may be found at NLBMDA’s Online Store at

NLBMDA 4/25/2016

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