The Green Rebuilding of Post-Katrina New Orleans

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Time (08/28/15) Worland, Justin

Actor Brad Pitt's Make it Right Foundation has helped make the rebuilding of post-Katrina New Orleans a model of sustainability and resilience. Make it Right helped build more than 100 LEED Platinum-certified homes in the Lower Ninth Ward, providing residents with healthier, more affordable homes. For these residents, both energy bills and trips to the hospital to treat asthma, prevalent in low-income communities, are significantly reduced. The Foundation also elevated the homes five to eight feet off the ground and provided roof access to help make the homes more flood-resistant and prevent occupants from being trapped during flooding. The city's master plan also includes funds to help fund elevated homes for those who cannot afford the expense. Following the Foundation's lead, several other nonprofits donated funds for rebuilding New Orleans to green building and hurricane-resistant standards. Green building group Global Green offers workshops on green building and inspections to identify cost-effective green improvements to homeowners in New Orleans. Global Green also works to encourage green building in the public sector, resulting in a public policy that new schools must be built to LEED Silver standards.

Justin Worland 10/8/2015

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