The Greenest House of Them All, According to the Living Building Challenge

Monday, April 3, 2017

Architect (03/08/17) Garvett, Symone

The Desert Rain House in Bend, Ore., is distinguished by being awarded the first Living Building Challenge (LBC) certification for a residential project. The International Living Future Institute's LBC program recognizes net-zero energy and water buildings that positively impact their environment. A new building is required to fulfill 20 imperatives in seven performance areas—place, water, energy, health and happiness, materials, equity, and beauty—and support them for more than 12 months. The 4,810-square-foot Desert Rain House consists of a one-story residence, two detached guest apartments, and two garages built from locally sourced materials. Rainfall is the only water source, and a graywater system treats used water from everything except toilets and dishwashers for irrigation. Dozens of solar panels generate energy for the house. The compound, which also is LEED Platinum- and Earth Advantage Platinum-certified, is one of only 11 other projects that have achieved Living Building status worldwide. “The biggest and most beautiful feature is when you turn on the water,” notes Desert Rain House co-owner Barbara Scott. “You know that it is coming from the rain and the snow.”

Symone Garyett 4/3/2017

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