The Other Two Top Reasons For Getting Pulled Over

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

We've looked at the three violations dealers are most likely to incur on the road. See the October 23, 2017 WSRM Newsletter. "Most likely to incur" because these are easy visually verifiable violations for state patrol and CMV inspectors: 1) Is the driver using a cell phone? 2) Is the driver using a seat belt? and 3) Are there any problems with the use of the tiedowns?

Think about it. For cargo securement, the easiest visual for state patrol to check are the tiedowns. And there are specific rules for the securement of "dressed lumber and similar building materials". For tiedowns, particularly the number of ties downs needed, there are three things to remember and get right: 1) Get the number right based on cargo weight (See FMCSR 393.106); 2) Get the number right based on cargo length right (See FMCSR 393.110); and 3) Get the number right based on the number of tiers/bundles (see FMCSR 393.118(d)(3)).

In addition to cargo securement and the use of cell phones for talking or texting as mentioned above, the third top reason for getting pulled over is for not wearing the seat belt. See the FMCSA's CMV Safety Belt Program.

What do all three of these have in common? The highway patrol can visually determine compliance or non-compliance as you (or your driver) drive by.

For a great slide deck emphasizing these easy to remedy infractions, take a look at the slide deck, Issues That Attract Unwanted Attention from Commercial Vehicle Inspectors, from our 2017 ProDealer Summit held in Phoenix Arizona. Got questions? Please contact

NLBMDA 3/7/2018

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