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Just Do It

Years ago, I remember hearing a term that I must admit, I'd succumbed to from time to time... called the "Someday Syndrome." It's a "Someday I'll..." mindset that I suspect we all know and have had bouts of it from time to time... "Someday I'll play the piano." "Someday I'll start a fill in the blank business"… "Someday I'll write a book." "Someday I'll buy an RV and travel"... And it goes on... Of course there are many things you'd like to do, so you say to yourself, "Someday I'll ---" Bu...

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Al E. Bavry, Advisor, Kimal Lumber 4/21/2021 Comments(0)

FBMA's 2021 Spring Golf Tournament a Huge Success

On Friday, April 9, 104 golfers enjoyed a great day on the greens at the Orange County National Golf Club. What better way to network with customers and friends? And now for the winners... Longest Drive - Tony Citarella Closest to Pin - Mike Tremel First Place - Jim Detwiler; Jeff Knauff; Rusty Daugherty; Ryan Daugherty Second Place - Tom Minick; Matt Rossi; Justin Peek; Dave Marshall Third Place - Spence Fulford; Andy Boehler; Nick Nedzweckas; Dennis McLaughlin...

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FBMA 4/21/2021 Comments(0)

Employment Opportunity for an Experienced Building Material Operations Manager

Florida Building Material Alliance is looking for experienced building material Operations Manager . Responsibilities include managing yard personnel, checking material on delivery trucks and keeping yard straight. Person must know about building materials. Mondays thru Fridays only. No weekends. Email resume to ....

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FBMA 3/29/2021 Comments(0)

2021 Aspiring Leaders Program

The Florida Building Material Association understood the importance of identifying and training strong, knowledgeable leaders to be a part of your organization. Our program Aspiring Leaders - The NEXT Group began in 2015 and has become one of our most successful programs for our members. This year’s program will help you determine if any of your current staff are future leaders and are interested in a career in management. Aspiring Leaders - The NEXT Group stands for New Executive Training...

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FBMA 2/10/2021 Comments(0)

Light at The End of The Tunnel

November jobs reports for both the U.S. and Canada came out Friday, and proved that it is possible to be neighbors when you live on different planets. The U.S. added just 245,000 jobs last month, down 60% from October’s 610,000. Normally one month would be no big deal, but October was down 60% from August—which in turn was down 70% from June. You won’t be surprised by the reaction. The New York Times called it a jobs report without silver linings. Fox Business warned that Novem...

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LBM Executive 12/18/2020 Comments(0)