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Sponsor Opportunity Available for FBMA's Tampa TopGolf!

FBMA will host the Tampa TopGolf tournament on Thursday, February 24. It's not too late to sponsor this well-attended event. Registration will be available next week so sign up today to have your company logo on the registration form. Click on the link below to access the interactive PDF sponsor form and email to Betty@fbma.org. 2022 "Top Golf" Sponsor Form Your financial support of FBMA is greatly appreciated....

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FBMA 1/5/2022 Comments(0)

A Message From Our Chairman

To All Members, The 100th Anniversary Convention was a huge success! I want to thank those members who sponsored events, participated in show functions and attended the convention. I also want to thank our exhibitors who participated in our trade show. Also, a huge thank you to Betty and Greg for their continued commitment to excellence. Last Friday was our first joint effort with the Greater Orlando Builder Association. The additional attendance and boots on the ground were a boost to our usual...

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Doug Bross, 2021 Chairman 9/14/2021 Comments(0)

Florida-based Tibbetts Lumber Co. Acquiring Florida Forest Products

PRESS RELEASE Tibbetts Lumber Co. LLC announced it is acquiring Largo, Florida-based Florida Forest Products LLC. The St. Petersburg, Florida-based multi-location building materials supplier will acquire all of the assets of the single-location, Largo, Florida-based roof and floor truss manufacturer. "Florida Forest Products' team and facility are highly complementary to our existing metro Tampa/St. Petersburg operations and we have many overlapping customers within various product segments. Flo...

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FBMA 8/23/2021 Comments(0)

Arlen Tillis, Tibbetts Lumber Company, to Receive the 2021 Hall of Fame Recognition Award!

Arlen Tillis, Senior Vice President/Director of Tibbetts Lumber Company will receive the 2021 Hall of Fame Recognition Award at the Hall of Fame Luncheon on Thursday, September 9 at Rosen Shingle Creek Resort and Convention Center. The luncheon will begin at 11:30 a.m. Arlen has been employed with Tibbetts Lumber Company since January 2009. Prior to that, Arlen was employed with Cox Lumber Company from 1971 to May 2006. Join us for lunch as we honor Arlen and the previous recipients of this pres...

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FBMA 8/10/2021 Comments(0)

True Understanding of Bricks and Mortar

I’ve touched on Bricks and Mortar in the past, and I’d like to expand on that in more depth now. I’ve told you this story before...Going back twenty five or so years, I frequented the local Sears and Roebuck store...A lot! At the time I was buying quite a few Craftsman tools. Whenever I went there, I’d seek out this one young woman. She was not only passionate about the tools and the Craftsman line, she intimately knew all of them. I never left that Sears store disappoint...

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Al E. Bavry, President Emeritus, Kimal Lumber 8/9/2021 Comments(0)

Empire Moulding & Millwork Thanks FBMA and Offers Special Prices on Moulding and Stair Parts

I want to extend my thanks to FBMA for selecting Empire Moulding and Millwork as the spotlight associate member of the month. I hope the information you've received from us has been helpful and informative. Since my time at Empire, I've seen the value of FBMA membership in several ways - through representing our interests at the government level, holding education classes and conferences we all benefit from, the show every fall where I get the chance to get out of the office and spend time with ...

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FBMA 7/29/2021 Comments(0)

Registration Now Open for FBMA's 2021 Main Event—FBMA's Convention and Gulf Atlantic Building Products Expo, September 8-10 at Rosen Shingle Creek Resort and Convention Center

As you are all aware, we were unable to celebrate our 100th anniversary last year due to COVID-19. With the pandemic hopefully behind us, we are celebrating our centennial this year at the convention and trade show. This year's schedule of events will be bigger and better than ever. We expect 250 golfers at our Tom Stead Memorial Golf Tournament. Join us for a drink and listen to some live music before dinner at our Kick-Off Reception on Wednesday night. Dan Marino, legendary quarterback for the...

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FBMA 7/17/2021 Comments(0)

FBMA Monthly Associate Member Spotlight - Empire Moulding and Millwork

In September of 2019, Empire Moulding and Millwork became a distributor of the largest stair manufacturer in North America, LJ Smith, Inc. LJ Smith is well known for product quality and for being a customer service-driven company, but also for developing and driving market and design trends. As design trends continue to feature modern, clean lines with crisp details, LJ Smith’s panel rail system from the Linear Collection has been a perfect fit for both custom and production home builders,...

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FBMA 7/14/2021 Comments(0)

FBMA's 2021 Spring Golf Tournament a Huge Success

On Friday, April 9, 104 golfers enjoyed a great day on the greens at the Orange County National Golf Club. What better way to network with customers and friends? And now for the winners... Longest Drive - Tony Citarella Closest to Pin - Mike Tremel First Place - Jim Detwiler; Jeff Knauff; Rusty Daugherty; Ryan Daugherty Second Place - Tom Minick; Matt Rossi; Justin Peek; Dave Marshall Third Place - Spence Fulford; Andy Boehler; Nick Nedzweckas; Dennis McLaughlin...

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FBMA 4/21/2021 Comments(0)

Just Do It

Years ago, I remember hearing a term that I must admit, I'd succumbed to from time to time... called the "Someday Syndrome." It's a "Someday I'll..." mindset that I suspect we all know and have had bouts of it from time to time... "Someday I'll play the piano." "Someday I'll start a fill in the blank business"… "Someday I'll write a book." "Someday I'll buy an RV and travel"... And it goes on... Of course there are many things you'd like to do, so you say to yourself, "Someday I'll ---" Bu...

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Al E. Bavry, Advisor, Kimal Lumber 4/21/2021 Comments(0)

Employment Opportunity for an Experienced Building Material Operations Manager

Florida Building Material Alliance is looking for experienced building material Operations Manager . Responsibilities include managing yard personnel, checking material on delivery trucks and keeping yard straight. Person must know about building materials. Mondays thru Fridays only. No weekends. Email resume to betty@fbma.org ....

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FBMA 3/29/2021 Comments(0)

2021 Aspiring Leaders Program

The Florida Building Material Association understood the importance of identifying and training strong, knowledgeable leaders to be a part of your organization. Our program Aspiring Leaders - The NEXT Group began in 2015 and has become one of our most successful programs for our members. This year’s program will help you determine if any of your current staff are future leaders and are interested in a career in management. Aspiring Leaders - The NEXT Group stands for New Executive Training...

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FBMA 2/10/2021 Comments(0)

Still a Decision

Years ago, I was talking to a friend/mentor and we were discussing, as a Leader, the process of making a decision. My friend made the point that when things may get very difficult, and Leaders might just "freeze up," and don’t make a necessary decision...They are still making a decision! Yes...A non-decision is still... a decision. We're in very unusual times, and things are certainly at the "very difficult" stage for many businesses throughout the nation. As an essential business, the con...

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Al E. Bavry, President Emeritus, Kimal Lumber 11/17/2020 Comments(0)

Meet Your New Chairman - Doug Bross

Bridget Pulser, Mills and Nebraska passed the gavel to Doug Bross, Builders FirstSource on November 4 during our annual meeting. Doug brings years of valuable building material experiences and enthusiasm to FBMA. See his bio below. Doug Bross is the Central Florida Area Manager for Builders FirstSource. He began his building products career with Georgia Pacific in 1989 in Manassas, Virginia. He was promoted to Operations Manager in 1992 managing the distribution facility. In 1995, Doug joined Bu...

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FBMA 11/16/2020 Comments(0)

FBMA’s Tom Stead Classic Golf Tournament a Huge Success!

FBMA had their first "live" event since the pandemic began when 96 golfers turned out on Wednesday, September 16 to enjoy a beautiful day of golf with colleagues, friends and customers. We will hold our second event with our Orlando TopGolf tournament on Wednesday, November 4. Keep an eye out for the registration form. Bring your customers, friends or come alone. We will put you on a team. The winners of the Tom Stead Classic Golf Tournament are listed below. 1st Place Team Stacy Dobbins Kevin W...

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FBMA 10/2/2020 Comments(0)

Top Golf Tournament Registration Now Open

Register today for the Orlando "Top Golf" Tournament to help raise funds for FBMA’s Scholarship Fund. The tournament will take place on Wednesday, November 4. The event will begin with registration at 4:30 p.m. and end at 7:30 p.m. Dinner will be included in the registration fee. TopGolf is located at 9295 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819. You can make your own team or we will team you up. Each team will consist of six players. Invite your customers, your staff, or your weekend golfing ...

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FBMA 10/2/2020 Comments(0)

When You See the Light at the End of the Tunnel

Watching the TV news the other night, Greg Gutfeld made an interesting comment: When you can see the light at the end of the tunnel...Remember, you’re still in the tunnel! Maybe that’s kinda of a duh moment…But it says a lot. At my age, north of eighty years, I thought I’d seen it all...And then a Virus comes along…Quickly recognized as Covid-19....The now Infamous Coronavirus 19. In my years I’ve seen many flus come and go: Watched the AIDS epidemic, Ebola, a...

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Al E. Bavry, President Emeritus, Kimal Lumber 4/27/2020 Comments(0)

This Too Shall Pass

"This too shall pass." These words are echoing in my mind as I ponder the global situation and what it means for me and for Timber Products. I have been working in this industry for almost 44 years. In my career, there have been spotted owls, a couple of recessions, a couple of wars, 9/11, SARS, a hostile takeover of one company over another and the list goes on. Here’s the nugget; resilient people take stock in the situation, look for opportunities to change, make adjustments, and come ou...

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Steve Killgore, CEO, Timber Products 4/27/2020 Comments(0)

Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act Thoughts and Resources From Bridget Pulsifer - Mills & Nebraska

Dear FBMA Member, The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting us from multiple directions with no clear end or solution. As the leading Alliance of building material dealers and suppliers in the United States, your FBMA is first and foremost dedicated to the safety of our members, their employees and clients. Secondarily, we will support each member company with alternatives to help sustain businesses through the pandemic, help identify opportunities to re-build and serve the industry and work together t...

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Bridget Pulsifer - Mills & Nebraska 4/1/2020 Comments(0)

Covid Resources

FBMA is striving to keep our members up to date on the COVID-19. Below is a list of links for you to utilize during this time period. Call the office at 352 383-0366 for further assistance. Contact Your Legislator & Encourage Them to Deem LBM as "Essential Business" Understanding the Families First Coronavirus Act Department of Homeland Security Guidance on Essential Business Note : Page 6, under Food & Agriculture, 2nd to last bullet, denotes that "workers who support the manufacture an...

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FBMA 3/26/2020 Comments(0)

Tampa's TopGolf a Huge Success!

Over 70 golfers participated in our annual Tampa TopGolf on February 5. All golfers generously donated their winnings to FBMA's Terrence Eagan Lewis Scholarship Fund. The scholarships will be awarded at the Kick-Off Breakfast on Thursday, September 17 during our convention and trade show at Rosen Shingle Creek Resort and Convention Center in Orlando. Mark your calendar now because you don't want to miss our 100th anniversary celebration. We are pleased to announce the winners of our Tampa TopGol...

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FBMA 2/16/2020 Comments(0)

It's a serious business, isn't it?

We're in a very complicated, high stress, high energy industry. And in Kimal's case as with a lot of you out there , we are a "Full-Service" building materials dealer. That means many moving parts, and it's not easy to keep your eye on all those "parts" and make sure they fit! Add to that, we also act as a bank…every month we "loan" a seven-figure amount to contractors when we put "on account" a lot of money behind those trusses, doors, windows, hardware etc. that they purchase. And the as...

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Al E. Bavry, President Emeritus, Kimal Lumber 2/16/2020 Comments(0)

2020 Aspiring Leaders Program

The Florida Building Material Association understood the importance of identifying and training strong, knowledgeable leaders to be a part of your organization. Our program Aspiring Leaders - The NEXT Group began in 2015 and has become one of our most successful programs for our members. This year’s program will help you determine if any of your current staff are future leaders and are interested in a career in management. Aspiring Leaders - The NEXT Group stands for New Executive Training...

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FBMA 1/8/2020 Comments(0)

This Amazing Industry and Its Amazing Future

So, we're about to experience trucks and cars going by us with no driver! Hamburgers with no "meat" but cook them up medium rare... and they "bleed" a little just like the real thing! They taste good and are "healthy!" Want a quick 6-pound delivery from your local office supply store?... Forty-five minutes later a drone drops it at your office front door. Just a few of the futuristic things that are here or almost here... Now that the "future" in many ways is here... When was the last time you t...

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Al E. Bavry, President Emeritus, Kimal Lumber 12/23/2019 Comments(0)

Sponsorship Information Now Available for FBMA's 2020 TopGolf Events

FBMA will host three TopGolf Tournaments in 2020. The schedule is as follows: Tampa - Wednesday, February 5 Jacksonville - Thursday, April 16 Orlando - Thursday, October 22 All proceeds from the tournaments will go to FBMA's Terrence Eagan Lewis Scholarship Fund. The scholarship s will be presented at the Kick-Off Breakfast on Thursday, September 17 during our convention at Rosen Shingle Creek Resort and Convention Center in Orlando. Click on the link below to access the interactive PDF sponsor ...

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FBMA 12/23/2019 Comments(0)

Remembering Joe LaFlore

In Memorium It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Joe LeFlore, South Florida Millwork, Na-ples. Joe was killed in a car accident on Friday, December 13 in Naples. Joe was an avid supporter of FBMA. He was on our Executive Committee and would have been Chairman of the Board in 2022. Joe’s Celebration of Life will be Sunday, December 22 at 2:00 pm at the Riverside Community Center, 3061 E. Riverside Drive, Fort Myers 33916....

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FBMA 12/18/2019 Comments(0)

A People-less Future

A survey came out recently...seems that six and one half percent of the people that took the survey asked for--no, demanded--a cashless, bank-less, true self-serve experience. Let me translate that. These folks feel they should never have a need for cash. They prefer to be able to serve themselves wherever they go, swipe a smartphone over the total amount purchased, and one hundred percent of the transaction is instantly "electronic."caveat, of course, was "Zero" human intervention. Now, keep in...

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Al E. Bavry, President Emeritus, Kimal Lumber 7/8/2019 Comments(0)

Extend and Pretend

Reading an investment letter the other day, I came across the statement: Extend and Pretend. In this case they were taking about an iffy stock that might gain traction down the road. By pretending that all the planets might line up in a row and it skyrocket in value, it could gain a lot of value! So, Extend your position into the future. Said another way, it painted a picture of taking an easy route rather than making some tough, uncomfortable decisions in a timely way. So, how do we apply that ...

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Al E. Bavry, President Emeritus, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 5/10/2019 Comments(0)

Business Succession Planning Insights: Tales from the Trenches

Business Succession Planning Insights: Tales from the Trenches Business Succession - although the topic on the surface may appear to be rather mundane, improper succession planning can literally cause the loss of a company and place family members in situations where they never speak to one another again. It’s that serious. Statistically, only 1/3 of all family businesses will survive from the first to second generation and less than 15% will survive from the second to third generation. I&...

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LBM Journal 4/19/2019 Comments(0)

Can You Walk the Talk?

I was in a meeting with my peers years ago, during my other life with the big corporation. We were having heated discussions regarding price cutting, volume selling, and tiered discounts based on level of activity, etc. We discussed all possible formats for selling primarily commodity goods...at varying price levels. My boss at the time said something I’ll never forget: Remember folks…At the end of the day...We still pay our bills with margin dollars!! Wow! When we cut away all the w...

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Al E. Bavry, President Emeritus, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 4/19/2019 Comments(0)

Huttig Announces Its Expansion Of Huttig-Florida Warehouse

ST. LOUIS, MO April 8, 2019 –As one of America's largest wholesale distributors of specialty building products and millwork for light commercial, residential construction and remodeling, Huttig® Building Products makes it easy for our customers to thrive in an ever-changing industry. Because we continuously listen to our customer’s needs, Huttig-Florida has expanded its warehouse facility over 200,000 sq ft, doubling our capacity to 448,630 sq feet in order to offer the broadest...

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David Fishbein, Huttig CMO and Executive Vice President 4/19/2019 Comments(0)

Know When to Walk

One way or the other, we’re all in this Selling Game. I don’t think I get a bigger thump than when someone tells me about that seventy-five thousand dollar engineered floor/roof pack they just got… Or the hundred and fifty-thousand dollar window pack. Great stuff! But, occasionally things go wrong. Maybe horribly wrong! A great order blows up… You go back and find that by all accounts, you did everything right!! But, bottom line, your customer, the builder, can’t pa...

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Al E. Bavry, President Emeritus, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 3/19/2019 Comments(0)

Remember… Words Have Meaning!

I remember years ago, listening to a speaker talking about the two most powerful tools you could have in your tool belt and mastering both....The WRITTEN word, and the SPOKEN word. When you become good at both, you are well-equipped to face most day-to-day situations. So, today, I’m going to pick on a word that is often misused or misunderstood: The word is PERCEPTION. Most of us have heard people say, His/her perception of… or Their perception is... which can leave a door wide...

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Al E. Bavry, President Emeritus, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 2/8/2019 Comments(0)

What Does Stress Mean to You?

A gentleman I’ll call Jim, that I’ve known for twenty plus years, retired for the first time at the ripe old age of 48… He’s a banker. No, really he’s a Banker’s Banker. In his thirties, he founded a bank that became very successful, then he and his investors cashed out. He got bored quickly and started another bank… Same story. He sold out, and is now in his third banking career. Jim, on his third go at it, bought a small, struggling community bank with...

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Al E. Bavry, President Emeritus, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 1/16/2019 Comments(0)

Three Key Steps for Material Suppliers to Ensure Payment

Florida Construction Lien law is designed to protect laborers and materialmen with the greatest protection that justice and equity afford. Tuttle/White Constructors, Inc. v. Hughes Supply, Inc. But just how should materialmen/ material suppliers a supplier go about protecting themselves under the Florida lien and bond law to better ensure payment? While the supplier certainly has payment rights under its contract for the materials, it is always better to have additional mechanisms to get paid. T...

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James O. Birr, III, Esq. 1/16/2019 Comments(0)

Christmas Party Politics

Most times when I write these articles it has little to do with metrics, budgets, margins, etc. The reality is, most of what I write has much more to do with the Organic Reality and happenings I’ve been a part of or observed over the almost 60 years I’ve been in this great industry. So, this is one of my Organic true stories. Back in my other life with the big corporation… Wickes had a large Merchandise and Marketing department. At the time they were servicing about 350 Lumber ...

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Al E. Bavry, President Emeritus, Kimal Lumber 11/6/2018 Comments(0)

Continuation of...

About 38 years ago, and after an 11-year stint with The big corporation, KIMAL Lumber Company was born in 1981...not exactly a vintage year. We were in a recession. But we had assembled a small team of dedicated associates, and decided we’d get through this recession and build a strong full-service lumber company. What a great beginning time...To that great beginning team, and our loyal customers: Thank you all! I wouldn’t deny that those first half dozen or so years were a struggle....

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Al E. Bavry, President Emeritus, Kimal Lumber 10/8/2018 Comments(0)

“Lone Ranger” or Team?

Besides our customers at large, the most interesting group to work with would be our Sales team. I say that because unlike our industry’s salespeople of the past, nowadays it has become increasingly difficult for salespeople to do well, since the pace of change has accelerated and continues to do so. With new engineered products, composites, technology, and local/state/national building codes undergoing continual change---it all gets more difficult every year to understand and learn about...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 7/16/2018 Comments(0)

Attracting Young People to the LBM Business

For many years, we have heard frustrated dealers lament … young people don’t want to work at lumberyards. Where are our future leaders going to come from as we move into retirement? If you are one of those who find it difficult to hire young, energetic employees who are driven to grow and take positions of responsibility, read on! Hiring people is a competition! Especially now, with low unemployment rates, young people can be selective when choosing which position to take and with wh...

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Tom Ford 5/31/2018 Comments(0)

Technology… Artificial Intelligence at its “Best”

A number of years ago, one our Kimal Associates, Cody, was having severe problems with his Chevrolet Impala. He took it to a local dealer for their very sophisticated computer diagnosis of its "issues." I was told this brand specific software cost over fifty thousand dollars to the dealer. Cody showed me the printout of several pages he was given, a diagnosis telling what was wrong, and a lengthy list of "fixes." These included re-bore, and re-ring the engine with new pistons and rings to cure t...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 5/31/2018 Comments(0)

How To Protect Your Lien Rights Under Florida’s Construction Lien Law Before You Know You’ll Need Them

In Florida, mechanic’s liens available to subcontractors and material suppliers provide powerful tools to secure payment for services performed on, and materials provided to, construction projects. However, navigating Florida Statute Chapter 713, known as Florida’s Construction Lien Law, can be extremely difficult. The Construction Lien Law has been described by Florida courts as an outstanding example of inept legislative endeavor and an ill-conceived, confusing, patchwork of rules ...

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Andrew D. Wyman 5/31/2018 Comments(0)

The View from “Below and Above”

Every now and then we hear that old expression, Viewing things from thirty thousand feet. But what does that really mean? Here’s a different perspective: Imagine you’re looking at one square foot of your backyard. You see the grass, some insects, maybe a weed or two. Now, take one square inch below the surface, and magnify that ten times. As you look into the soil beneath, you witness the nematodes, earthworms, nutrients, etc.--life you couldn’t see on the surface. Now reduc...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 4/9/2018 Comments(0)

Time to Be Truthful

Ok…You're going to say, Well, I'm truthful all the time. What's different now? I read this the other day, said by Billy Wilder: "If you're going to tell the truth, be funny....or they'll kill you!" I believe we're in a new and evolving period at this stage of post-recession recovery. This is something I'm talking to our team about a lot. It starts out pretty amusing. Simple back story is, our contractor customers are mostly very busy…Loaded for Bear! Some have more contracts than the...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 12/4/2017 Comments(0)

A Snapshot Past the Horizon

Frank Sinatra would probably describe 2016 as "A very good year"… I probably date myself on that old Sinatra song. In spite of "not enough trades to go around, getting up to speed on equipment, "investing" in some very expensive new equipment, etc., and finally taking a good, accurate Inventory, we came out better than O.K. So...for 2017, we just keep on doing what we've been doing, and we anticipate "another good year!" Put another way, we just let it flow. But now the Contrarian side of ...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 8/14/2017 Comments(0)

Registration Now Open for FBMA’s 2017 Main Event—FBMA's Convention and Gulf Atlantic Building Products Expo!

Registration is now open for FBMA’s 2017 Main Event. The Main Event consists of our convention; Gulf Atlantic Building Products Expo; Tom Stead Memorial Golf Tournament; and the Architectural Design Symposium. We are returning to the beautiful Rosen Shingle Creek Resort and Convention Center in Orlando. The room rate is only $159. Registration is now open. Click here to make your room reservations or call 866 996-6338. Reservations must be made by September 12 to ensure the $159 rate. The ...

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FBMA 8/4/2017 Comments(0)

Additional Business, Not New Business

We're in one of those cycles where, how can I say it...business is just plain good! While four or so years ago, trying to find customers became an exercise in hearing crickets chirping. So today, to some extent, we can pick and choose our targets. And there's quite a bit of that "Volume" business out there...Some are national, and some are large regional builders. Lots of Volume…tempting to get some of it. The down side, as a builder friend of mine told me one time, is you have to "Get you...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 6/12/2017 Comments(0)

FBMA’s Spring Texas Hold’em Poker and Golf Tournaments a Huge Success

The Spring Texas Hold’em Poker and Golf Tournaments took place last month at the beautiful Mission Inn in Howey-in-the-Hills, a verdant oasis steeped in history. The Texas Hold’em had over 40 poker players but Lady Luck smiled on Randy Hutchinson, Belleview Home Center, who walked away with the top prize. Coming in second was Arlen Tillis, Tibbetts Lumber Company. The weather couldn’t have been better for the Spring Golf Tournament. Over 70 golfers enjoyed a perfect day of golf...

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FBMA 6/12/2017 Comments(0)

Doing the Walk-Through Before the…

Quite a few years ago, a friend of mine, who was a successful contractor, had a pretty good run of building high-end homes in Venice. It dawned on me after several successful years of building million-dollar-plus homes, that he seemingly had no complaints..."just happy customers." How could that be? So we were talking about his "success" one day and I asked him about this "happy and satisfied" customer thing that seemed to be there about 100% of the time. His answer was disarmingly simple. He sa...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 5/8/2017 Comments(0)

How to spot credit risk before it's too late...

Credit applications used by dealers in our industry are nearly identical in what they ask for: company and principal info, trade and bank references, and usually requests for a personal guarantee. This information plus a statement of terms is pretty standard fare. What is far from standard, however, is how dealers manage the credit process to protect themselves from risk. First, experienced dealers ensure that all of the information is filled out completely, the application is signed, and they g...

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Scott Simpson, President & CEO, BlueTarp 5/8/2017 Comments(0)

Sunlight Needed on Workers' Compensation

Below is an article opinion that was printed in the Ocala Star Banner sent in by Clark Yandle of Yandle Building Materials. Clark thought this article would be of interest to FBMA members. Our View In Florida, the issue of workers’ compensation insurance rarely grabs headlines. Yet the money involved is huge: Last year, employers paid billions of dollars in premium to cover workers injured on the job; for almost all of these employers, such insurance is mandatory. That’s why state la...

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Clark Yandle, Yandle Building Materials 4/3/2017 Comments(0)

Doing Things Right…Or…

Some time ago, I was reading an article on some of the tenants of BMP…"Best Management Practices." The author talked about "Doing Things Right, or Doing the Right Thing"!! It sounded confusing, but as I read further, "I got it!" First, without question, if you're running a good business, you have many things in place to make it work...Good Systems, procedures, protocol, all. When these are written down, designed and implemented correctly, the results generally are what a well-run business ...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 4/3/2017 Comments(0)

Parenting Isn’t a Democracy

I'm sure folks that read my "Chronicles" have concluded that "One-liners" drive a lot of my learning and belief system. Sayings such as: "You Can Only Expect What You Inspect." When you begin to think about many of them, they truly speak volumes. That's how the one-liner title I’ve used--referencing Parenting--hit me. Of course we know that a newborn doesn't come into this world with a neat computer chip that has pre-trained and pre-programmed that baby....They're "wild little animals" ...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 3/7/2017 Comments(0)

New Budget…Starting Over (Part Four)

I feel true Budgets can be a quite a contradiction. On the one hand, they are the well-written and very detailed road map that takes you into and through the next year. On the other hand, as good as we prepare them, they'll begin to change ten minutes after the ink is dry. A given for those of us in the building material/construction industry, almost nothing "is for sure"...We often face a chaotic and uncertain future. Keeping this in mind, how can we make good use of our Budgets so they’r...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 1/13/2017 Comments(0)

LBM Advantage, Inc. and Independent Builders Supply Association (IBSA) sign Letter of Intent to merge

New Cooperative Provides $2.0 billion Combined Purchasing Power Lumber & Building Material buying cooperatives LBM Advantage and Independent Builders Supply Association IBSA today announced they have signed a Letter of Intent to merge. The companies enjoy strong dealer support throughout the East coast, Midwest and Southern markets. The Letter of Intent is non-binding and the merger requires approval by the shareholders of each cooperative as well as satisfactory completion of due diligence....

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LBM Advantage / IBSA 1/13/2017 Comments(0)

FBMA “Top Golf” Charity Golf Tournament Benefiting Give Kids the World

FBMA will host a Top Golf Charity Golf Tournament to help raise funds for FBMA’s charity Give Kids the World. The tournament will take place on Thursday, February 16 in Tampa. The event will begin at 4:30 p.m. immediately following the Tampa Regional meeting held at the same venue and end at 7:00 p.m. Dinner will be included in the registration fee. You can make your own team or we will team you up. Each team will consist of six players. Invite your customers, your staff, or your weeke...

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Greg Bell 12/19/2016 Comments(0)

Not Accepting the “New Norm”

Strange how perceptions change...Just three, four years back, we were emerging from "The Great Recession." Customers started to come back, sales were being made, new homes were being built..."There was light at the end of the tunnel"! We welcomed and coped with the growing business, giving our customers the "Royal Treatment." Yet now the situation has changed to the point where some days it seems we're just a bit "Over-Customer'd." We just can't quite get done what we need to do by day's end. An...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 12/19/2016 Comments(0)

Where Will They Come From and Long-term Survivable

Here's something that everyone in our industry knows, and is painfully aware of: "Through the Great Recession, our industry was pretty much gutted, from top to bottom." But now we have one of the strongest truss order files we've had in a long time. On the other hand, builders taking delivery in a timely fashion just isn't happening. Again, no surprise…When we talk to our customers, even though they have this strong "Build" file, they can't find near enough block masons, cement finishers, ...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 12/5/2016 Comments(0)

Are You a “Maverick” Developer

This newsletter article starts out talking about me...and maybe what has happened to our industry in the last fifty plus years. At the beginning of my career, it really was a "Studs and Plywood" down-and-dirty kind of business. I believe many of us ran very "reactive" business models. You’d start out the day, orders came in, and you shipped them out in some kind of order. Some of that action was just the reaction to whomever was screaming the loudest! We bought specialty and commodity good...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 10/31/2016 Comments(0)

Who Would Have Thought?

At the end of the day, who would have thought we would have had to cut short our annual convention and trade show due to a category four hurricane. In October, no way. Well, it happened. As with every convention and trade show, all the hard work was over and we were ready to kick off our yearly event. The 2016 FBMA Convention and Trade Show had all the makings of success. We had met our room block weeks in advance. Our exhibitor count was higher that it had been in many years. The number of atte...

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Greg Bell, Convention Chairman 10/17/2016 Comments(0)

No Regrets

Every year the, FBMA has their Main Event & Gulf Atlantic Building Products Expo. So much planning and preparation goes on behind the scenes by the FBMA staff and the Vendors Associates that participate in this event to make it the premier event in our industry for the State of Florida. Dedicated Dealers and Members take time out of their busy schedules to attend in support of a great association. Once a year, it’s a time we can all get together, have a little fun and learn about the p...

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Greg Terlep, Huttig Building Products 10/17/2016 Comments(0)

A Most Misunderstood Word…

To keep you from guessing, the misunderstood word I’m referring to is "Service"… Have you ever thought about what Service means to us now? The market, our customers, the whole atmosphere changes along with economic times we’re in. In some ways Service inevitably fluctuates along with it. So now we’re on that "other side" of the cycle that started with the Boom sales were really good!! , to when the bottom fell out the six years of "The Great Recession" ...and now we're ba...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 10/17/2016 Comments(0)

FBMA Main Event Just Two Weeks Away!

It’s hard to believe that FBMA’s Main Event - Convention, Gulf Atlantic Building Products Expo and Tom Stead Memorial Golf Tournament is just two weeks away. Returning to the beautiful Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center, October 5-7 this is one convention and trade show you don’t want to miss! The Tom Stead Memorial Golf Tournament will be held on Wednesday, October 5 at the ever popular Orange County National Golf Club. We have bought out both golf courses so we will b...

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Greg Bell 9/19/2016 Comments(0)

Continuation of “A Certified Package Hits Your Desk”

Several years ago, several of us were talking to a veteran commercial airline pilot…about how "neat" it was to fly all over the world. He commented: "Maybe not that big a deal...Computers do most of the flying…A little bit of real hands on," but then he added..."It's really hours of boredom and occasionally moments of sheer terror"!...Not that we really get "bored" in this business, but lots of the time, it runs along pretty predictably, and then you get hit up the side of the head.....

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 9/6/2016 Comments(0)

FBMA Annual Meeting Notice

Pursuant to Article III h of the FBMA bylaws, members are hereby notified that the Annual Meeting of the Florida Building Material Association will be held during the Kickoff Breakfast on Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 7:30 a.m. in Sun C1-3 of the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center. Members are advised that in accordance with the bylaws, each Retail Dealer Member firm of the Association shall be entitled to one vote. During the Kickoff Breakfast, recognition and presentations are made of K...

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FBMA 9/6/2016 Comments(0)

And The Countdown Begins... FBMA Convention, Gulf Atlantic Building Products Expo and Tom Stead Memorial Golf Tournament Just Four Weeks Away!

Gaylord Sold Out! The Gaylord is sold out. FBMA has negotiated a rate of $149 with no resort fee at the Marriott Orlando World Center, 8701 World Center Drive, Orlando just 5 minutes from the Gaylord Palms and a $12 parking fee. In order to get this rate, your reservation has to be made by me. Please email me at betty@fbma.org with your arrival and departure dates along with your credit card information to hold the room. Another property is listed below: SpringHill Suites by Marriott Dates: Octo...

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FBMA 9/6/2016 Comments(0)

FBMA Convention, Gulf Atlantic Building Products Expo and Tom Stead Memorial Golf Tournament Just Six Weeks Away!

Rooms are filling up fast at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center. If you haven’t made your hotel reservations, visit www.FBMA.org or call 877.491.0442. Make sure you identify yourself with FBMA to receive the $169 room rate. If you have any problems, contact Betty at Betty@fbma.org. Spike Cissel, Manning Building Supplies and Robert Pearce, Huttig Building Products 2016 Hall of Fame Honorees! We are proud to announce our 2016 Hall of Fame Honorees - Spike Cissel, Manning Buildin...

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FBMA 8/22/2016 Comments(0)

Gov. Rick Scott Recognizes Naples Lumber and Supply for Creating Jobs

Ron Labbe, owner of Naples Lumber and Supply received a Business Ambassador Award from Gov. Rick Scott recognizing the company’s efforts to create jobs and opportunities for Florida families. Scott recognized the company’s staying power through the Great Recession and its growth over the past few years. The company’s employee count has grown from less than 40 to 82. Labbe recognized Scott for his attempts to facilitate job growth in the state, and for keeping his campaign promi...

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FBMA 8/22/2016 Comments(0)

A Certified Package Hits Your Desk

Almost sounds like the beginning of one of those bad jokes: A man walks into a bar, and... Anyway, you're having a good day...lots of deliveries going out...no rain, the check "that was in the mail"...actually came in!! And no employee crisis...doesn't get any better than that! And then, your secretary brings in this one-inch thick white envelope weighs about three pounds! . It arrived in the post "Certified Mail," and in the upper left hand corner, you see this long name, Scleagle, Beagle, Meag...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 8/22/2016 Comments(0)

Creativity is Great… Just Not in Accounting

O.K. I guess it's pretty obvious: Accounting isn’t meant to be super creative, unless you're a Bernie Madoff type, and that only works for a while. As a company, we at Kimal pride ourselves in allowing a lot of "License" with Kimal Associates to constantly try a variety of "creative ideas." As I walk around the company, I see frequent examples of tweaking many things to just improve the processes, and often they're creative changes that make our customer’s experience with us "just a ...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 8/4/2016 Comments(0)

Do You Ever Think “Legacy”?

Recently I was at a meeting with a group of business owners. We had a "Guest Speaker," "Bob," not his real name who painted a vivid picture of his last twenty-five years. Even though he was only in his fifties, he'd done many remarkable things: He started and sold a number of successful businesses and made a lot of money, and he’d written books that were published. He owned a home out West, and one in Florida. Yet when he described his "Life's Story" up to this point, he didn’t end i...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 7/22/2016 Comments(0)

HHS Addresses Employer Appeals Under ACA and Releases Sample Subsidy Notice

As most large employers are now well aware, the trigger for penalties imposed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ACA is receipt of financial assistance in the form of an advanced premium tax credit and/or a cost sharing subsidy by a full-time employee who was not offered affordable, adequate employer sponsored coverage. The ACA requires notification to employers when an employee enrolls in a qualified health plan via an Exchange Marketplace and receives such financial assistance. ...

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American Fidelity Assurance Company 7/22/2016 Comments(0)

Dare We Think 40…

One thing I've always believed is that if you originally committed your "Human and Monetary Capitol" to be in business, you weren't entering into it "just for fun." The ultimate goal should be that you always get "To keep some of what you Kill!" So, with that in mind, even going back as far as my other life with the big Wickes Corporation--I had some "revelations" about this early on. First, I talked to my "contractor" base quite a bit. My main questions oriented around, "What do you want, need ...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 7/8/2016 Comments(0)

Update From the IRS on Filing of ACA Information Returns

On Thursday June 30th, the IRS released an alert concerning filing of information returns required by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ACA . Large employers 50 or more FTEs including full-time equivalents and employers of any size who sponsor self-insured coverage were required to report to employees and to the IRS concerning 2015 health insurance offers and enrollment in coverage. Copies of the individual Forms 1095 already provided to employees were due to be filed with the IRS n...

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American Fidelity Assurance Company 7/8/2016 Comments(0)

Defining Your Relationship

Over the dare I say "many" years of working with our contractor customers, "Relationships" come into play. The good news is that ours is a business of establishing a "Relationship" with everyone we do business with. I still remember how years ago, a contractor friend of mine had purchased a Redi-Mix plant. He sold it a few years later, made a little money, but had an interesting observation about his experience. He said, "You know what the problem is in dealing with cement, cement blocks, etc.? ...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 6/28/2016 Comments(0)

FBMA Summer Education Conference a Huge Success!

Last week, the Trump Doral hosted FBMA’s Summer Education Conference. Attendees, including spouses and children, had the opportunity to enjoy the fabulous atmosphere, delicious food and amenities offered by the beautiful resort. A powerful educational platform included presentations from Craig Webb, Editor-in-Chief of Remodeling and ProSales at Hanley Wood Publications on The State of the Industry; Do We Have a Sales Culture?" by James Olsen, Author of Selling Lumber, Sales Secrets of a Lu...

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FBMA 6/28/2016 Comments(0)

Are Credit Cards an Issue for You? Customers' Slow Payments? Then Take ProSales' New Survey

Help build benchmarks and find answers to your payment issues. Craig Webb, Editor, ProSales We're increasingly hearing from dealers who are concerned about customers' use of credit cards to pay their accounts. The same holds true for pros who are slow to pay, dispute bills, or won't respond to incentives. What's going on? Who has answers? To answer both those questions, we've created a survey on what's happening with credit cards and accounts receivables at dealers today. You can find this 10-mi...

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Craig Webb 6/13/2016 Comments(0)

You Are Remembered by the Rules You Break

You and I, we're living in incredible times. We’re instantly surrounded by people to support and educate us though the worldwide web and social media forums. We’re overwhelmed by the crowd and sheer number of potential informative advice that often bombards us from every angle. Yet thirty, forty, sixty years ago, you weren’t able to call upon such wide-ranging help. More often than not, you "flew by the seat of your britches." When situations, opportunities, issues, changes in ...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 6/8/2016 Comments(0)

Can National Salespeople Find Success with Independents?

As the economy improves and national suppliers continue to consolidate due to faulty business models not materializing as projected to investors, there may be a resurgence of independent building material dealers. If that occurs, new and better employment sales opportunities will become available to those currently trapped in the bureaucracy of the national suppliers. Perhaps the real question is, can independents find success in hiring national supply salespeople? Earlier this year, I interview...

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Don Magruder 5/19/2016 Comments(0)

March 2016 Building Permits

The March figures are interesting. Single family permits were 21% ahead of March last year. Single family permits have historically risen during the first quarter of each year. The ever erratic multi’s were down 25%. I noticed a trend that I hadn’t detected before. Over the past few years multi’s have had a downward trend through the first quarter. Then they pick up. Since the gestation period of a multi-family project is so long, this pattern is probably meaningless. Here is a...

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David Sumner 5/19/2016 Comments(0)

February 2016 Building Permits

February permits pulled ahead of January as expected. Single family permits were above February 2015 by 18%, a very nice increase. The Jacksonville and panhandle areas led the charge. Multi’s have been down the past couple months versus last year. It’s difficult to say if this is a trend, since permitting is so erratic. I am reading some conflicting articles. One says that lots construction job openings are going unfilled. Another says that rental costs have reached a critical point ...

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David Sumner 4/25/2016 Comments(0)

PLM/ILM’s John Smith and Wife, Julie, Go Bald to Raise Money for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation

We are happy to announce that through the generous donations of our friends and associates, we were able to raise over $92,000 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and this number is still climbing! . Thank you to everyone for taking part in this campaign and supporting John & Julie Smith as they braved the shave on April 5, 2016 to show solidarity for the children battling this terrible disease. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the mo...

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Susan Cho 4/25/2016 Comments(0)

1st Regional Bank of… Kimal

Talking to a lumber guy about three years ago…Recession about over and seeing a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. He said, "Hey, I finally figured out how to make a small fortune in the lumber business... Pause! You start with a big one"!! Old Joke and kind of a sick one. Many of us have "lived through it" and even though it's better nowadays, the "scars" are still there. We don’t have a big fortune to back us up, so what do we have? Brought into focus, one of the biggest and mo...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 4/25/2016 Comments(0)

Sponsorship Opportunities Available for FBMA’s Summer Education Conference

Our Summer Education Conference returns to the beautiful Trump National Doral in Miami, June 22-24. The conference includes four informative, educational programs, the Everette Cupit Memorial Golf Tournament, receptions, dinner and plenty of time to network with competitors, suppliers and customers. As a sponsor for $700, you will receive the following: *Company logo on all signs at each event *Listing in FBMA’s e-Blueprint Newsletter through June *Listing on FBMA’s website *Company ...

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FBMA 4/25/2016 Comments(0)

Commodities…A Follow Up

O.K., I'm often accused as the "Too Positive Person"..."Glass is Always Half Full"…etc. And yes, I admit to being "Positive" most of the time. There are those times, though, when "If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck...just gotta be a duck!! Translated, yes, there are true day-in-day-out commodities: OSB, Pine Plywood, Studs, even Hardi at times...And you just have to accept that if the "Market" our builder business says, OSB is selling at 5 to 8 points of main...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 4/4/2016 Comments(0)

Not Always a “Commodity”

Over 20 years ago, I was introduced to Weyerhaeuser’s TimberStrand product--a true "Engineered Lumber." Even though the sell price was going to be almost three times that of conventional lumber, I felt there was a place for it. I got it started on Boca Grande, where price was not such an issue. In fact, within a year it was "the hot new product" out there. Soon, I had it started in a development "Off Island"…A builder had placed a large order for all the framing on a two-story house....

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 3/18/2016 Comments(0)

January Building Permits

As is typical of January, we aren’t starting the new year with a bang, although single family permits were 16% greater than last January. Total home sales were seasonally down. As to new construction, all regions in the southern half of the state were down, while the northern regions were up a bit. My guess is that, since most new Florida residents migrate to the southern areas, perhaps January is not their buying season. No major news has caught my eye recently. Don Hayes, supplier of the...

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David Sumner 3/18/2016 Comments(0)

Preparing a Budget… Part Two: Owning It, Selling It

O.K. In Part One, Preparing an Accurate Budget, we've done the initial hard work. We've met with all our Profit Center Managers to produce a "realistic" budget--one that should be attainable, and has input from all parties involved. Something that should be doable, and not a "Pie in the Sky." So, do we just put it to rest at this point and hope that a year down the road, it all "sort of comes true"? Of course not. I think at this stage, with a good-to-go budget, selling it to the total team is a...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 3/4/2016 Comments(0)

Gotta "Cap" Those Sales

Bet that got your attention! And a kind of "snarky" way to start. But—going back seven or so years ago, and "Riding the Recession Down" or chasing the bottom, as one of our Directors described it wasn't a bit fun. Mighty gut-wrenching when you let someone go that's been with you a long time, and in some cases, for twenty years or more. But in hindsight, we did a pretty darn good job. Not only survived, but through it all, managed to keep "the Cream of the Crop." So, we're on the other side...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 2/19/2016 Comments(0)

Separating Expenses from Investments

Remember the old STP commercial? ...Pay me now or pay me later. It was about an engine oil additive that when added to the oil, would extend the life of the engine…A small investment now would save big costs expenses down the road. We're kind of at that defining moment in our businesses. Now that things are more normal we can once again take a snapshot a year or two down the road...Not just the given month or quarter. And for sure, when you add a person, add a truck, upgrade software, etc....

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 2/8/2016 Comments(0)

December Building Permits

The numbers are in for December, and thus, 2015 closes substantially stronger than 2014. The month proved to be another boomer for multi-family in our three biggest markets of Miami, Tampa and Orlando. On my Florida Home Sales chart, December was an interesting month. The fewest number of homes were for sale since August 2013, while the average price was the highest since I have been reporting this info. Also, the months’ supply is the lowest since I began. I noticed an anomaly in that The...

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David Sumner 2/8/2016 Comments(0)

November 2015 Building Permits

Residential building permits were softer in November, as is historically normal for the winter months. Still, single family permits were 27% over last year, while multi’s are a nice round double! Reading the tea leaves on the Florida Home Sales Info spreadsheet, you will see that prices have been moving up, but unit sales have been dropping. The calculated months’ supply has been lower all of 2015, which helped to support better prices. Lots of national and international news will co...

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David Sumner 1/21/2016 Comments(0)

Preparing an Actual Budget

Of course you want to prepare an "accurate" budget...Why wouldn't you? Back in my other "life" as a Wickes Center Manager, one of the most important things we did near the end of the year was prepare our own budgets... Now, when I did my first three or four, they were good, and a great learning experience. First, Wickes would send us all the data broken down for our total expenses for the year... separated by "Labor," and Labor Costs Social Security, Retirement Fund yes, they had one back then ,...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 1/21/2016 Comments(0)

For 2016, Add 'Networker in Chief' to Your CEO Job

Don't count on underlings to make all the connections for your company By Don Magruder In business, the concept of networking is frequently associated with salespeople. Managers often lament their frustrations with salespeople who are unwilling to make cold calls and network for new business. As an executive, in one way or another you too are ultimately a salesperson and depend on other people. When I attend an industry meet and greet, it simply amazes me to find that most executives, managers, ...

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Don Magruder 1/6/2016 Comments(0)

Rex Lumber Awarded 2015 Business Partner of the Year by Florida Project Learning Tree

Florida Project Learning Tree awarded Rex Lumber Business Partner of the Year at its annual professional development conference, Planet Diversity: Trees Gone Wild! held in Melbourne in November. The award was graciously accepted by Caroline Dauzat, owner, at the Graceville, FL office. Each year Florida Project Learning Tree recognizes and awards one business partner,that has demonstrated outstanding dedication, support, and service to the program. The nonprofit environmental education program su...

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Nancy Peterson 1/6/2016 Comments(0)

Keeping It Right, the Second Time Around

We've all talked about how tough it was to survive "The Great Recession"... Still don't think there was anything great about it!! Anyway, we're here. Sales are growing back...That elusive word "profit" has returned, and so on. Life is pretty good. So what about all those lessons we learned on the way down? The ones that frankly allowed us to survive? What I'm talking about now is how easy it can be to fall back into old bad habits we had in the past. So, let me identify in Kimal’s case, so...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 12/16/2015 Comments(0)

October Building Permits

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the permit activity was late coming out this month. There were some big adjustments in previous months. Lee county lowered their single family count by about 100 in September while both Charlotte, Palm Beach and Broward raised their multi count by well over 100 each in the same month! These adjustments happen every month and I try to follow them. This changes my report of last month to state that we really had more combined permits in September than we have had s...

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David Sumner 12/15/2015 Comments(0)

One-Liners That Have Stood the Test of Time

• When hiring, always look for People with "People Competency" • Don't play "catch-up"..."CLEAN AS YOU GO! • You're a very tough Manger/Leader, but always think, "Who will bring you Ice Water?" • The Purpose of "Planning" is not to "Plan," "The purpose of Planning is to Produce Results!!" • When all else fails....."Think Contrarian".... • Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no Path…AND LEAVE A TRAIL!! • Budgets are grea...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 12/4/2015 Comments(0)

Never Say Never

During the slipping and sliding through the so-called "Great Recession, lots of lessons were learned. Many builders simply didn't make it--the well simply ran dry and they had no resources to back them up to "survive." There were exceptions though. We had some local builders that actually kept a fair amount of homes under construction. Several of them, knowing they were now solidly "in the driver’s seat," changed their Modus Operandi....In a couple of cases, they simply told the supplier w...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 11/13/2015 Comments(0)

September Building Permits

Florida enjoyed a very good month in September. For the first time since May 2007, we passed the 10,ooo permit mark for combined single and multi-family permits. Since we are in a normal seasonal lull, this was a surprise to me, at least . There were massive multi-family permits pulled in Osceola 2162 and Lee 847 counties. Single family is now 9.7% ahead of last year and multi’s are a whopping 35% ahead! In national news, the unemployment rate has bumped down to the 5% mark for the first t...

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David Sumner 11/13/2015 Comments(0)

Preferred Vendors List

Preferred Vendors List as of December 2, 2015 Aljoma Lumber, Inc. All Points Screw, Bolt & Specialty Company Alpine, an ITW Company Aramark Uniform Services American Fidelity Assurance Company AWP Windows & Doors Azek Building Products Beadles/Balfour Lumber Company Bentley Sales Berg Wholesale BlueLinx Corporation BlueTarp Financial Boise Cascade Boscus Canada, Inc. Brock Foam & Stone, Inc Bucket Innovations, LLC Builders Hardware BuildPay, LLC Center-Line Trailers Chappell Sales, L...

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FBMA 11/13/2015 Comments(0)

Five Years Without a Banking Relationship

It seems a bit like the distant past now, but the "scars" from "The Great Recession" run deep. Up until the recession, we had or thought we had! a great banking relationship. We always paid our mortgage payments each month, kept up with our line of credit, etc., etc. We never, ever got behind on anything...And the bottom fell out. As one of our Directors sagely said, "We were chasing the bottom for a long time." We'd go through a lay-off, and two months later repeat it all over again. Anyway, ge...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 11/2/2015 Comments(0)

Registration Now Open for FBMA’s 2015 Government Relations Golf Tournament

FBMA’s Government Relations Golf Tournament raises funds to advance our members’ interests. With the assistance of our Government Relations Consultant, Nancy Stephens, issues are addressed and brought forth to Tallahassee so that amendments and new bills can be passed, providing necessary changes to Florida’s future. The tournament will take place on Friday, December 4 at the Mystic Dunes Golf Club, 7600 Mystic Dunes Lane in Kissimmee. Registration will begin at 8:00 a.m. with ...

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FBMA 11/2/2015 Comments(0)

FBMA’s Main Event Boosts Record Attendance

When most of use are asked to write an article, we focus on making sure we have enough content to make the article worth reading. You know, keep their attention past the first couple of sentences. I don’t have to worry about enough content regarding this article as I have the easy task of sharing with you the results of our 2015 Main Event, FBMA’s Convention and Trade Show. Through the hard work of a lot of people, I’m proud to report to you that our convention and trade show w...

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Greg Bell, Chairman of the Board 10/9/2015 Comments(0)

Playing by the Golden Rule

You survive or die by your real life experiences...when things happen that are out of your control, you either let these experiences get the best of you, or you "learn fast," adapt, survive and move on ever stronger. I’ll never forget how that lesson came up for Kimal when we had been in business for less than a year. We had bid and were awarded all the material on an all-wood apartment complex. Our margin was low, but if "everything went right," we stood to make a li...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 10/8/2015 Comments(0)

August Building Permits

Total Florida single-family permits were down a bit in August. Only Orlando, The Villages and Jax were up. Year over year, we are up about 7% for single family permits and a whopping 24% for multi’s. Several items are attached to this email, including the Piper Jaffray Building Products report, the Don Hayes lumber & plywood report, as well as my regular charts. The stock market gyrations continue to fill a lot of the news. Europeans who have traditionally bought vacation homes in Flor...

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David Sumner 10/8/2015 Comments(0)

James “Spike” Cissel, Manning Building Supplies, to Receive the Charlie Harnden Industry Service Award

Spike Cissel, Chairman of Manning Building Supplies, will receive FBMA’s highest and most prestigious award that FBMA can bestow upon a member, the Charlie Harnden Industry Service Award. This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding service to the building supply industry and his or her community. It is not presented annually but only awarded when the FBMA Executive Committee has determined that a nominee has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Spike fulfil...

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FBMA 9/14/2015 Comments(0)

July Building Permits

We experienced a modest lull in July permitting. For single family permits, all major markets, except Dade/ Broward, were off their highs of the previous month. Still, statewide, July was the second best since August of 2007. So... it’s all relative. The crazy ride in the stock market may certainly affect some future activity in the short term. China is mishandling its own stock market, dumping billions into it to support prices that have been irrationally high. This is really rattling the...

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David Sumner 9/10/2015 Comments(0)

Cycles…and the New “Normal”

One of the "talents" that I’ve been told I am fairly good at, is being able to look into the future and "read the tea leaves" as to what lies ahead. I’m not talking about it this newsletter, but new products, technology, systems, etc. that are going to hit down the road—well, they are just awesome. So the future, over-all, is bright and we're going through some of the most amazing transformations that I've seen in my lifetime. Here's one rather sobering transformation that I fe...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 9/10/2015 Comments(0)

Old School Ain’t Bad

No one will deny that the world is changing rapidly. Doesn't seem all that long ago when we started using "Fax" machines. Imagine! Sending an "image" of a Purchase Order thousands of miles to be perfectly duplicated… Quickly replaced with PDF files and the like. And Analog was going to be the next best thing... but going Digital suddenly replaced that. Now I look at the latest version of "Smart" phone that I have, an Apple iPhone 6 Plus. More horsepower than was going on in the "Computer R...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 8/28/2015 Comments(0)

Rules and Ideas that Stand the Test of Time

I thought it would be a neat idea to kind of "break stride" in these articles and mention "One-Liners" and strategies that have stood the test of time. Many were developed "Kimal Specific" and some are what I and others have learned on life's highway… So, here goes: Verbal Doesn't Get It...Write It Down. Pretty obvious. When you're passing around vital, specific information, document it well. Very well. Just saying, "I told you such-and-so doesn't work anymore. Clean as You Go." Part of ou...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 8/14/2015 Comments(0)

Around the House - New Florida Building Codes Adding More Cost

Effective July 1, 2015, Florida imposed new building codes that are meant to improve the safety, energy efficiency and construction of new residential homes and remodels. They also increased the cost of building — again. Many affordable housing advocates argue that the nanny government in Tallahassee, by mandating excessive building rules to guard against every what if situation, has created a housing crisis in Florida and the new codes are not needed. You can drive throughout Central Flor...

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Don Magruder 8/14/2015 Comments(0)

June Building Permits

Florida has reached another milestone! We are finally back over the 6000 mark for new residential permits. This level hasn't been seen since June 2007 - over eight years ago! Closed home sales were the best since I started charting them in January of 2013. The supply of homes is down to 4.6 months - again, the lowest since I began tracking them. Housing is good! Multi-family permits were nearly a carbon copy of May's great figures. Business Week published an article about the rental market. Rent...

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David Sumner 8/3/2015 Comments(0)

The Main Event Has Entered the Starting Gate

FBMA’s Main Event has entered the starting gate and is gaining momentum. This year’s convention and Gulf Atlantic Building Products Expo will be held at the beautiful Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center, September 23 - 25 and will be the largest and most well attended event in the past several years! The Tom Stead Memorial Golf Tournament will be held on Wednesday, September 23 at the ever popular Orange County National Golf Club. We have bought out both golf courses so we wil...

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Greg Bell, Chairman of the Board 8/3/2015 Comments(0)

5 Lessons the Building Industry Can Learn From a Fitbit

GreenBiz.com 07/17/15 Guevara-Stone, Laurie Just as wearable fitness-tracking devices provide data to help the wearer improve their fitness level, tracking a building's energy performance can help improve its performance. Data that is more specific is more useful, according to a Johnson Controls study, which found user-specific data helps engage people in energy management. The study also found disaggregating building data down to the personal level helps individual occupants see the impact thei...

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Laurie Guevara-Stone 8/2/2015 Comments(0)

Friends and Partners, Until….

Surviving "The Great Recession" was one of the toughest things I've ever gone through. And I'm sure all of you who are "back on the other side" feel the same way. Through our very "creative ability" based on being entrepreneurial Lumber Folks, we pulled out all the stops and did it. And although we witnessed the demise of quite a few of our contractor customers, there were those that did make it through. As survivors, during the last few years we've had to face a new problem...Some of our custom...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 7/31/2015 Comments(0)

“Cheep”…On a Branch

Many years ago, I was participating in a "negotiation" with a fairly large contractor. His theme was becoming quite clear…In almost these exact words, he asked, "How cheap will you be willing to go to get my business?" In frustration, more than anything, my partner in this dialog blurted out, "Hey! We're already there...my feet don't fit a branch." Translated, a bird will sit on a branch, singing "Cheep, Cheep"… well maybe some birds sound more like "Chirp, Chirp." Anyway, you get th...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 7/13/2015 Comments(0)

May Building Permits

May was another month with new permits over the 5000 mark. Two fun facts to digest: The I-4 Corridor roughly St. Petersburg to Daytona has produced about 46% of all single family permits so far this year. The three counties in the southwest region alone have generated about 42% of all multi-family permits. All of the usual documents are attached, along with the Piper Jaffray report and the new Harvard housing report. I watched a video on Yahoo Finance the other day. A hedge fund manager was outl...

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David Sumner 7/13/2015 Comments(0)

Continuation of “Humble”

They called it "The Great Recession"...really for about six years, starting with "falling off a cliff." Then as one of our Directors famously said..."We chased the bottom"...for a long time!! In our case, I believe we went through eight structured lay-offs before we found that "Bottom." As I mentioned before, we set a goal of "Selling Our Way Out of the Recession"…and it worked. Those of you out there that have survived must have similar stories to tell. We sure didn't get through it by pa...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 7/2/2015 Comments(0)

Preferred Vendors List (as of July 01, 2015)

Take a look at our suppliers who have renewed their 2014 FBMA membership dues. Preferred Vendors List as of July 01, 2015 Aljoma Lumber, Inc. All Points Screw, Bolt & Specialty Company Alpine, an ITW Company Aramark Uniform Services American Fidelity Assurance Company AWP Windows & Doors Azek Building Products Beadles/Balfour Lumber Company Bentley Sales Berg Wholesale BlueLinx Corporation BlueTarp Financial Boise Cascade Boscus Canada, Inc. Builders Hardware Center-Line Trailers Chappel...

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FBMA 7/2/2015 Comments(0)

FBMA Summer Education Conference a Huge Success!

Last week, FBMA had it’s first summer conference since 2007. Over 65 attendees, including spouses and children, had the opportunity to enjoy the fabulous atmosphere and amenities offered by the beautiful Trump National Doral in Miami. A powerful educational platform included presentations from Thom Scott on Connecting Your Brand to Your Success and Being More Influential at Work and Beyond; Emerging Opportunities in the Next Housing Boom by Greg Brooks, and Florida Building Code 5th Editio...

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Betty Askew 7/1/2015 Comments(0)

Our Fragmented Industry

Our Fragmented Industry -- Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware I don't think anyone would deny that as independent lumberyard owners/managers/operators, we are among the most creative, unique, and entrepreneurial bunch of folks in business in the country. And I'm not talking about this as a "Guy" business. Some of the most creative owners are women. If you were to have an opportunity to travel around the country and visit one hundred independent lumberyards, you'd come away from it wit...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO 6/15/2015 Comments(0)

Fifth Edition Florida Energy Conservation Changes

Fifth Edition Florida Energy Conservation Changes By Amy Yelverton, Chairwoman, Government Relations Committee Below are some of the changes for the Florida Building Codes that will go into effect July 1, 2015. I have listed several websites that contain more in-depth information on the codes. The main change as it affects the window industry will be the enforcement of a new Energy Code for Florida. • The 30% rule has been clarified and will now be null and void. • All replacement pr...

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Multiple Agencies Release Guidance on Wellness Programs

Multiple Agencies Release Guidance on Wellness Programs by American Fidelity Assurance Company Workplace wellness programs must comply with a complex set of rules including the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ACA , the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA , the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act GINA , and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 HIPPA . On April 16, 2015, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC released proposed regulations addre...

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American Fidelity Assurance Company 6/15/2015 Comments(0)

“You Can’t Innovate Yesterday”

You Can’t Innovate Yesterday -- Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware It always amazes me just how "20-20" hindsight can be. With absolute dead accuracy, you can go back two months, two years, whatever, and see what actually happened. O.K., I know I'm describing the obvious and already known. Too often in our Industry, I see folks go back, look at historical may I say, hysterical at times! data, see an interesting snapshot in time and then try to replicate/innovate around it. I've ...

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Al E. Bavry, CEO 5/27/2015 Comments(0)

Need reasons to attend the FBMA 2015 Summer Education Conference?

Need reasons to attend the FBMA 2015 Summer Education Conference? Look no further……. - Attend seminars from top speakers on timely and important topics Connecting Your Brand to Your Success by Thom Singer #LBMmillennials: Mobiling Your Future by Harold Barnard Emerging Opportunities in the Next Housing Boom by Greg Brooks Florida Building Code 5th Edition by Jim Heise - Golf on one of the top rated courses in the country - Take advantage of the networking opportunities to help grow y...

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FBMA Member, Shell Lumber, Receives 2015 Golden Hammer Tools of the Trade Award!

Shell Lumber and Hardware received their Golden Hammer Tools of the Trade Award at the 2015 National Hardware Show. Jesus Guzman, president and COO of Shell Lumber & Hardware, accepted the award. "This Golden Hammer Award is only possible because of all the golden nails out there, our customers, and our suppliers," Guzman said. "We are very well aware of the fact that we exist for our customers." Accepting the award is Jesus Guzman, President and COO, Shell Lumber left and Darrell Wabschall,...

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FBMA 5/26/2015 Comments(0)

FBMA Member, Red Horse USA, Inc., Wins Award!

Red Horse USA, Inc. walked away from the 2015 National Hardware Show® as DIYs New World Product Overall Value Winner for their WINBAG! The National Hardware Show recognizes many products through various awards. One of the big winners this past week was Red Horse USA, Inc. who won the Overall Value under the category of The New Product World Award for their inflatable shim—the WINBAG see www.winbagusa.com . They were also voted Berland's "Tool of the Year"for 2015. Congratulations to F...

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FBMA 5/18/2015 Comments(0)

The Summer Education Conference Returns As One of FBMA’s Networking Opportunities!

A beautiful location — the recently renovated $350 million Trump National Doral in Miami, four informative educational programs, Everette Cupit Memorial Golf Tournament on the Trump National Gold Golf Course, good food and plenty of time to network with competitors, suppliers and customers — that is what you can enjoy at our Summer Education Conference, June 24-26. One of FBMA’s strategic goals is to provide opportunities for our members to network with each other. Our schedule...

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Come join NLBMDA for the ProDealer Industry Summit which will be held October 28-30, 2015 at the Broadmoor Resort Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Connect with top LBM leaders, manufacturers, and industry experts from across the country to learn about best practices and cutting edge industry information. The ProDealer Industry Summit is an exclusive three day educational and networking forum designed to promote the growth of lumber & building product dealers, distributors, wholesalers, a...

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NLBMDA 5/18/2015 Comments(0)

NLBMDA Participates in EPA Lead Rule Meeting

The National Association of Home Builders NAHB hosted industry groups, including NLBMDA and the Environmental Protection Agency EPA , last week to discuss the progress of the Renovation, Repair, and Painting RRP program after the rule took effect five years ago. The discussion centered on training of certified remodelers, enforcement of the rule, and the ongoing issues with lead-paint test kits. At the meeting, EPA said that it planned to hold a public meeting addressing the lack of a test kit m...

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FMBA 5/18/2015 Comments(0)

Health Insurance Tax Repeal Bill Reached 218 House Cosponsors

Legislation in the House of Representatives, H.R. 928, that would repeal the tax on fully-insured health care plans, is now supported by a majority in the lower chamber. There are now 223 cosponsors. The Health Insurance Tax HIT adds over $150 billion in new costs over the next ten years to small employers that purchase plans in the fully-insured market, where nearly 90 percent of small employers buy coverage for their employees. Furthermore, the National Federation for Independent Business NFIB...

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FBMA 5/18/2015 Comments(0)

The Power of the “Spoken” Word and the “Written” Word

The Power of the Spoken Word and the Written Word -- Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware We run departments, company divisions, or whole companies. We've gotten pretty good at it. We get spreadsheets and know how to read them. We have metrics in place that tell us to the penny what's going on. We begin the year with budgets that we feel are realistic, and then move forward during the year to guide them to fruition. All of this I describe as the Two-Dimensionalworld. No one can argue th...

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Mark Your Calendar for FBMA 2015 Summer Education Conference

FBMA’s 2015 Summer Education Conference will be held June 24-26 at the beautiful Trump National Doral in Miami, Florida. Great speakers, affordable room rate of $139, great golf rate, receptions, dinner and more! Registration information will be available next week. Associates - It is not too late to get your name in front of the large group of industry decision makers—sponsor the summer conference for only $500. Click here to complete the interactive sponsorship form, fill it out an...

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Green Building Should Start With a Green Supply Chain

Green Building Should Start With a Green Supply Chain Triple Pundit 04/24/15 Sprigg, Graham The global green building market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 13 percent between 2015 and 2020, according to the Global Green Building Market Outlook 2020. To achieve this growth rate, greening the building supply chain is a necessary precondition for up-scaling delivery of green buildings and realizing the associated sustainability opportunities on a commercially-viable and widespread...

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Angelina 4/24/2015 Comments(0)

WDMA Releases Rules for Interior Architectural Wood Door Leaves

WDMA Releases Rules for Interior Architectural Wood Door Leaves Woodworking Network 04/16/15 The Window and Door Manufacturers Association WDMA , with American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM as program operator, released the new ISO-compliant Product Category Rules PCR for interior architectural wood flush and stile and rail door leaves that manufacturers can begin using and referencing immediately. "Creation of a PCR is the first step in the process that allows door manufacturers to dev...

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Angelina 4/16/2015 Comments(1)

Preferred Vendors

Aljoma Lumber, Inc. All Points Screw, Bolt & Specialty Company Alpine, an ITW Company Aramark Uniform Services American Fidelity Assurance Company AWP Windows & Doors Azek Building Products Beadles/Balfour Lumber Company Bentley Sales Berg Wholesale BlueLinx Corporation BlueTarp Financial Boise Cascade Boscus Canada, Inc. Brown & Brown Insurance - Ocala Builders Hardware Cargotec Center-Line Trailers Chappell Sales, LLC Clubhouse Deck and Rail by Deceuninck Coastal Forest Resources C...

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