January Building Permits

Friday, March 18, 2016

As is typical of January, we aren’t starting the new year with a bang, although single family permits were 16% greater than last January. Total home sales were seasonally down. As to new construction, all regions in the southern half of the state were down, while the northern regions were up a bit. My guess is that, since most new Florida residents migrate to the southern areas, perhaps January is not their “buying season”.

No major news has caught my eye recently. Don Hayes, supplier of the lumber and plywood charts, came across this blurb on housing, http://nypost.com/2016/03/03/heres-why-you-should-worry-about-the-housing-market/. Personally, I question some of the negative premises. I believe that banks are much more careful about the loans they are making these days. A flipper must have some skin in the game – and this isn’t the same game as the one played in 2007. Flipping does not necessarily lead to mass foreclosures.

I have also attached both the December and January Building Products newsletters from Piper Jaffray. They were both published at the same time.

Florida Homes Sales Info

David Sumner 3/18/2016

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