NLBMDA Sends Letter to President Biden on Price Volatility and Supply Chain Disruptions

Monday, October 18, 2021

Today, NLBMDA sent a letter to President Biden expressing concerns with the continued volatility in lumber prices and disruptions to the building material supply chain. NLBMDA urged President Biden to prioritize this ongoing crisis and take meaningful actions to address price volatility, labor shortages and supply chain choke points. The letter also requests a meeting with Department of Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo to discuss the impact of lumber price volatility on LBM dealers and examine solutions that will provide stability to the market.

Specifically, NLBMDA called on the Biden Administration to:

  • Reverse its preliminary determination from earlier this year to double countervailing and antidumping duties on Canadian softwood lumber imports from 9% to 18% by November.
  • Seek a permanent trade agreement with Canada that eliminates tariffs and brings long-term stability to the supply and pricing of softwood lumber.
  • Examine free-market solutions to fix supply chain disruptions and labor shortages.
  • Eliminate any unnecessary rules and regulations which are hindering the lumber supply chain and labor market.
  • Drop its demand for higher taxes on LBM dealers through the budget reconciliation bill.
  • Prioritize legislative policies that will boost workforce development, improve housing affordability and incentivize job creation.

As the national voice of the LBM industry, NLBMDA has actively engaged the Biden Administration on the issue of lumber price volatility and supply chain disruptions during the last several months. In March, NLBMDA sent a letter to Department of Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo which reiterated our members’ concerns with price volatility and urged the Administration to prioritize the crisis. NLBMDA has also participated in a number of high-level meetings with the Department of Commerce and White House on behalf of the LBM industry.

NLBMDA will continue to press the Biden Administration on the issue of lumber price volatility and supply chain disruptions in the coming weeks. NLBMDA will be sure to keep members updated on the latest development in Washington regarding this critical issue.

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NLBMDA 10/18/2021

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