One-Liners That Have Stood the Test of Time

Friday, December 4, 2015

• When hiring, always look for People with "People Competency"

• Don't play "catch-up"..."CLEAN AS YOU GO!”

• You're a very tough Manger/Leader, but always think, "Who will bring you Ice Water?"

• The Purpose of "Planning" is not to "Plan," "The purpose of Planning is to Produce Results!!"

• When all else fails....."Think Contrarian"....

• Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no Path…AND LEAVE A TRAIL!!

• Budgets are great and necessary, but remember: they're also "Tomorrow's Mullet Wrapper"!

• And remember. Budgets are dead accurate...until fifteen minutes after you finalize one and put it to bed…

• I have "life example" stories behind these, and if we're just talking someday, I'd be more than happy to share them and how they came about.


A quick story:

In my "other life, running a Wickes Center, I hired this "Hot-Shot" who'd just moved down from the mid-west...Al (his real name) hit the ground running working on our Retail counter. About two months into his tenure, I got "The Call"...You know, when someone can only talk to the Manager or owner. This woman was sobbing...She'd bought six five gallon cans of asphalt-based "Driveway Sealer"...Her and her two sons had used it on their driveway to surprise her husband when he got back from a month long selling tour out of the country. After two weeks the sealer hadn't dried or set-up...Still mighty sticky, and by now being tracked in the house. (She'd also just bought and had installed new carpet, and couldn't clean up the ugly footprints.) She told me that she'd talked to "Al" who assured her that he'd talked to the factory, and that it "would dry"...just take a little longer...And in the meantime, she needed more to finish the job so he sold her two more five gallon cans. When I did my homework, turned out he'd sold her Non-Fibered Roof coating. This material would NEVER dry completely, just stay kinda soft and pliable...kind of forever! Turned out he knew this when she came back for more with an empty can to "get the right one" but he continued to sell her the wrong material... (You know, "Keep it consistent"!) Well, another week down the road, our customer was happy...She had a completely brand new drive-way, new carpet, etc. Wickes was out about twelve thousand dollars (real money about 38 years ago). And I was less a pretty stupid “Hot-Shot” salesperson who "knew it all"!

Al E. Bavry, CEO, Kimal Lumber & Hardware 12/4/2015

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