Telematics Drives Behavioral Changes Behind the Wheel

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Telematics is wireless technology that allows the collection of data on vehicles while they are being used in real time. Todd Ewing, director of product marking for Dublin-based Fleetmatics Development Ltd., said, "It provides fleet managers and operators access to real-time and historical vehicle and driver behavioral data. Fleet managers can now monitor the location, movement, status, and more of a fleet vehicle and its driver. In turn, these insights can be used to increase productivity, reduce labor costs, control fuel costs, increase fleet safety, and more." Rich Bleser, Milwaukee-based fleet specialty group practice leader for Marsh Risk Consulting's workforce strategies practice, also noted the insurance benefits that can be gained through telematics. Bleser said, "The insurance marketplace is starting to look very favorably upon organizations that effectively capture and use telematics data. By the same token, the insurance marketplace also is very reluctant to have this data captured if an organization is not prepared to use it or chooses not to use it." A 2015 customer survey by Travelers found that 8 percent were using telematics in light trucks and vans. Meanwhile, 11 percent were using the technology for medium, heavy, and extra-heavy trucks. "Tractor-trailers today, the way we view them, are rolling computers," said Jamie Pierson, CFO of YRC Worldwide Inc. "Five or 10 years ago, it was a chaise, a cab, and an engine. Today, all the data we're able to get because of all the telematics on a real-time basis is incredible."

Rob Lenihan 9/6/2016

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