Workers Compensation Costs

Friday, January 13, 2017

Workers compensation costs rose by 14.5% in December 2016 because of Florida Supreme Court decisions. Employers and business associations are outraged and have taken to the halls of Tallahassee to call for change that will lower workers comp rates once again. In December, Nancy Stephens, spoke for FBMA to the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee about members’ concerns with the higher rates. The House Judiciary Committee was briefed on the workers comp issues on January 11 by their staff. The Florida Chamber and others are drafting proposals to control attorneys’ fees, remove the statutory benefits gap, increase benefits for claimants and improve system accessibility, while also controlling employer costs in workers compensation insurance. FBMA will be working with the Florida Chamber and other business groups to refine draft proposals and lobby for passage. No bills have been filed yet. Senator Bradley is expected to take the lead in the Senate. If FBMA members have a specific issue they would like to see addressed in the Workers Comp arena, please contact

Nancy Stephens, CAE, DPL 1/13/2017

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